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  • What is Credit Verification?

    Ddu Credit Verification aims to serve cross-border trading companies by offering objective,

    strict and detailed verification services on basic information and qualifications which is

    intended to help users build brand integrity, promote core competence and increase

    exposures of brands and products in global markets.

    Our Services

    Company Contact Information

    Telephone, email, website

    Company Basic Qualification

    Business license, administrative licensing scope, credit record

    Product Qualification Verification

    FDA, ISO, certificate of patent and etc.

    Industry Qualification Verification

    GMP, GSP, GDP and etc.

    Benefits for Qualified Companies
    • Gain More Trust by Building Brand Integrity

      Overseas buyers consistently pay great attention to the credit records of suppliers.

    • Promote New Core Competence in Global Markets

      Get a qualification icon to stand out from competitors.

    • Increase Brand & Product Exposures

      Acquire a better display position through search ranking promotions.

    Two Ways of Verification

    With cooperations of SGS and TüV Rheinland, the two international verification institutions, we provide two ways of verification as follows:

    Document Verification Field Verification
    Process Upload company's basic information, industry qualification verification and product qualification verification. After this, wait for the online audit. Upload basic information online and achieve an agreement with third party verification institutions.
    Applicable enterprise General companies who would like to establish an enterprise brand with an excellent reputation. Small and medium business companies without GMP, GSP or GDP qualifications.
    Time 7 working days. According to specific situation of third party qualification institution.
    Benefits for qualified enterprise Display qualification icon of document verification;3 key words for product rankings; Ddu certificate of document verification; and special main page for qualified companies. Display qualification icon of field verification; 5 key words for product rankings; verification report from SGS or TüV Rheinland; and special main page for qualified companies.
    Charges 518 USD 1170-1470 USD

    Cooperative Qualification Institution

    TüV Rheinland

    Established time: 1872

    Company scale: TüV Rheinland is a leading global independent test provider with a history stretching back 140 years. The Group employs 16,000 people in 65 countries on all continents.

    Industry status: TüV Rheinland provides certification for various international standards such as ISO9001:2008 (quality management system) and ISO/TS16949 (automotive quality management system). And it has acquired wide spread recognition in Europe and other parts of world.

    Service areas: Energy, medical devices, consumer goods, automobiles, basic materials, investment goods, trade, construction, food, aviation, IT, logistics, banking and financial services, agriculture, tourism and leisure, education, healthcare, chemicals, and much more.


    Established time: 1991

    Company scale: With more than 90,000 employees, SGS operates a network of more than 2,000 offices and laboratories around the world.

    Industry status: SGS is the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. And it is also the first foreign invested inspection company to pass the CNAS ISO17020.

    Service areas: Agriculture and food, automotive, aviation, chemical, construction, consumer goods and retail, energy, finance, industrial manufacturing, life sciences, logistics, mining, oil and gas, and public sector.

    Voices from Clients

    • I’m a buyer of operating consumables. As far as I am concerned, the credit service plays an important role in selecting quality suppliers. The supplier with the accreditation mark is more reliable. It also saves a lot of time and energy.

      —— Kim, Disemed Co., Ltd.
    • As a supplier, it is common that we spend much time in talking to a new customer before the cooperation begins. Now the credit service will be the best option for us. It directly improves our brand and could bring us efficient co operations.

      —— Jessica, Jiangsu Peace Med Co., Ltd.
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